Flexi Connect - Anything you cannot do, we do IT for you.

flexi connect

Anything you cannot do,
we can do IT for you
Flexi Connect is a software company that was established in 2016 in Hong Kong.

We have created software that is adjustable to any kind of business model. Staring from Tourism industry to various other types of businesses, many companies can benefit from our software solutions. The list of such companies includes Online Clothing Stores, Online Supermarkets, Online F&B Services, Pharma Companies and so on.

Our company has patents for the newest high-tech solutions on the market for the tourism industry.

Each of the white label websites has exclusive design and makes use of innovative UI, includes company logos on invoices and vouchers.

The company has been established by staff with work experience in various sectors of tourism business, from Air Companies to Tour Operators to Contracting and more.

All of the elements needed for work are included, there is no need to spend extra money to purchase and deploy any other software tools.
Flexi Connect solutions are programmed using the latest technology on the market specific to each company’s business model. This allows an optimal increase of the speed of operations and introduces innovative solutions for large company management.

B2B setup for a large company and its sub companies is very easy to configure, giving you full financial control over your network.

You can see updates when a client has paid to your sub agent in the network by credit card.

You can split products in your network in sections. For example, you can make a distinction between VIP products and Middle Class products.

You can set different mark-ups for different companies and sub companies inside your company’s network.

You can make special offers or give special discounts for select a group of companies or sub companies and control the target points for sales.
  • Integration with any banks or payment gateways you wish to have connected to the system.
  • Introduce ready for sale products. Accommodation, Air tickets, Transfers, Yachts and Excursions within the Tourism industry.
  • Forward Integration Capability - Our clients within the Travel business have successfully integrated products from external providers via their internal contracting departments and begun to contract directly with consumers. Flexi Connect have integrated various products and packages provided by tour operators to independent companies.
  • Rates upload software for contracting departments - Within the Travel sector, Flexi Connect software enables companies to issue logins and passwords to their contracted service providers. Hoteliers, hotel groups and chains are now able to manage efficient rate uploads to company websites.
  • Rates upload includes settings for “client pays at the hotel” model, which can be useful if you have commission contracts with the hotels. Rates can also be uploaded for air tickets (for cases when you have charter flights), transfers and excursions or tours.
  • Settings for currencies and payments to all global bank accounts according to company structure.
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Client Database: Allows contact with clients and the ability to check the amount of money each of them has spent on orders. If Flexi Bonus is used, you can also track and edit the amount of the client's bonus points. Also, if duplicate client accounts have been created, you can merge them into one preserving the relevant information. What is more, the email addresses of the clients can be exported to Outlook or other mailing systems.
  • Flexi Bonus: If you have a loyalty card and want to make a bonus point system for tourism, or you have an existing bonus program that you want to extend to the tourism industry, then you can achieve this using our bonus card program.
  • Back office: All financial operations and settings for the network are viewed and controlled in the back office. Back office has different user roles including Accounting, Call Centre, Production Department, Rates Upload, Data Mapping and Bonus Cards.
  • Mapping: Provision of a content and image database which offers access to 1.5 million items. In the Travel industry this includes Accommodation, Transfers, Yachts, Excursions and Tours.
  • Sales target reports: Ability to easily create and manage data in the back office. Target turnover during a specific period can be assigned to a company and you will receive updates and information about the company's progress.
  • Easy creation of tour packages: Flight + Transfer + Accommodation, or Flight + Accommodation etc.
  • Insurance can be integrated upon request.
  • Invoices and vouchers online.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • White Label with personalized design.