flexi earth

Get map pointers with unique design to indicate where your stores and offices are located
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  • Let your clients find you faster and easier. Place a map on your website to show your business on it.
  • Your local offices or stores can be marked on the map with unique map pointers. On the pin you can specify exact address, hours of operation and other essential information about your offices.
  • Provide your own example of how the pin shall look like, or entrust this job to our designers. You can keep eye on the process to get the intended result.


  • all in one
    You get the map with pins already on it
  • best offer
    Monthly pay for map rental and no PPC
  • quick setup
    Integration with your existing software and 24/7 technical support
  • increase of profit
    Make it easy for clients to spot your company among others
  • operate worldwide
    Set the text on the pins in several languages to reach more markets
  • advanced solution
    XML / JSON / API connection