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our company
Flexi Connect is a global distributor of services and a software developer. The company was established in 2016 in Hong Kong.
We have created software that is adjustable to any kind of business model. Starting from the tourism industry to various other types of businesses, many companies can benefit from our software solutions. The list of such companies includes Online clothing stores, Online supermarkets, Online F&B services, pharmaceutical companies and so on.
Our company has patents for the newest high-tech solutions on the market for the tourism industry.


  • all in one
    Your partner network and cooperation terms, balance and accounting, bookings and reports - all aspects of operating activity for effective management.
  • best offer
    Get the best rates and offers thank to providers from all over the world. Seasonal discounts and commissions for our partners.
  • quick setup
    We supply clients from start-up travel agents to large tour operators with necessary solutions. Depending on your needs, we offer you an appropriate package of tools.
  • increase of profit
    Improve your sales with new categories, perform cross- and up-selling. Reduce costs of IT, as we provide 24/7 technical support and host the software and website on our servers.
  • operate worldwide
    We are connected to more than 70 providers and 26 000 travel agencies. Distribute your services to customers worldwide.
  • advanced solutions
    Our software is programmed using the latest technologies on the market to help your company operate more efficiently.

our team

All members of the team have worked in tourism and know what the industry needs. Our software engineers reqularly introduce new features to meet your needs and help to grow your business.

our partners